MacCallum means "son of Colm" and the name originates from St. Columba, whose name in Gaelic is "Colm".1

Just as they pass their surnames, males also pass Y-chromosome DNA from father to son on down the male line.  All male surnamed MacCallum/McCallum/Malcolm and other variants are welcome to join the study!


  • Coordinate DNA results and matches

  • Identify related clan groups

  • Discounted testing offered through study

The discounted group testing option is available through Family Tree DNA. Please note that the MacCallum DNA Study is hosted on a personal website which provides the ability to incorporate results from various testing companies. 

Y-Chromosome DNA Results

Analysis of Results:

Group A are known cousins - common ancestor is John McCallum, b. btw. 1730-1760, Kerrera

Group E - All share a common ancestor.  Kits
N55680 and 97446 may be more closely related
based on their shared mutations which could be passed to them by a more recent common ancestor.  Kit 97446 has the farthest known ancestor - John McCallum b: 1757, Glassary Parish, Scotland.

Group H - Share a common ancestor, possibly in the distant past based on the large number of mutations.


NOTE: If you've already tested through Family Tree DNA or the National Geographic Genographic, your results may be added to the MacCallum DNA Study by clicking the   button on your "My FTDNA" page.

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