The Scotland DNA Project's Y-chromosome results are sorted first by haplogroup, and then in haplotype allele order.  A haplogroup is the term used to define one's deep ancestral origins that may pinpoint to a particular region in the world. Coordinating results by haplogroup may:

  1. Reveal a common ancestor between men of different surnames
  2. Indicate deep ancestral origins from a common "founder" ancestor.  (See: "Founder Scots DNA") 
  3. May indicate a particular region of Europe that your Scottish ancestors originated from. Additional information on haplogroup origins is included. 

The following individual haplogroup pages are manually updated and shaded. Please allow additional time for manual updates.   Family Tree DNA and National Geographic Genographic Project results can be added to the Scotland DNA Project by clicking the button on your  "My FTDNA" page.  Once you have added your results to the project, you may view the results within minutes of your joining below in the Scotland DNA Project Haplotypes Values Table.

Sorry! As of 10 Jan 2007, the Scotland DNA Project Haplotypes Values Table by Jason Clary is no longer available.  Family Tree DNA plans to incorporate Jason's coding to be viewable on the public sites.

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Questions? Ask Volunteer DNA Project Administrators:

Katherine Hope Borges

John McEwan

The Scotland DNA Project is an independent genealogical research study that is not affiliated with a university.  The study receives no grant underwriting, and participants are responsible for the costs of their own tests.

The project was organized as a cooperative effort among family historians who wish to explore genetic testing to advance their knowledge of deep and recent family backgrounds.

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